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Olagoke Adeyanju

Olagoke Adeyanju “Goke is OK”is an Akoko based publisher/CEO turned politician whom if given opportunity by his people to represent them in any political position will surely bring succor to the needy.

In this exclusive interview with the MARVELROYALWORLDMEDIA. He shares his political experiences, why he joined active politics, his future ambition and other shocking news.

Can you tell us about your humble background?

Thank you my press men for coming to me this afternoon .

My names are Olagoke Lawrence Adeyanju politically known as Goke is OK who is widely known across the length and breath of Akokoland as Akoko 1st Son.

I was born in Irun Akoko some years ago into the respected and noble family of Pa Francis Oyedimeji Adeyanju of blessed memory and Mrs. Christianah Adeyanju.

I attended St. Benedict Roman Catholic Primary School, Irun Akoko ,Ondo State and rounded up in 1994.

Thereafter, I was admitted into the Ilemopo Comprehensive High Irun between 1994 and 2003.

From there,I went to the great Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti State where I studied Estate Management in 2009.

Also, I am a product of the International Institute of Journalism (IIJ) Abuja where I obtained my diploma in Journalism as well.

In addition, I am a founder of Akoko Celebrity Magazine and The Vision Magazine Punlisher/CEO. Akoko Celebrity magazine zeal sprung out in 2009 from the interest I have for Akoko to unite, to developed and to speak with one voice.

I have worked in so many organizations before joining politics within and outside Ondo State to the glory of God where I left unblemished.

Being an intelligent and reliable young man, I have had various privileges in the past to coordinate many candidates starting from state assembly race, house of reps, senators, and gubernatorial not only in Ondo State alone but in other parts of the country too.

That is it for now.

As a publisher turned politician,tell us how you are able to cope with these two professions or vacations?

Ah, it is very tough I must tell you. Although, the two career are symbolic. You will want to know why? As a print media expert, I have learnt a lot of lessons from different people I have met on the way especially to know how to dealt with people of diverse views.

Being a publisher/journalist. I have visited so many places in my life, met different categories of people so from there I had gained many experiences on how to handle issues. It is a very challenging profession: But I am not scared of being critized, If you are dodging from being criticized, how can you know whether you are doing well or not? That is why I love to be criticized constructively in whatever I do.

Criticism strengthens me and also makes me to correct myself in my subsequent steps. I cherish it and I love it so dearly. It would make you to be more popular in the field either as publisher or as politician. To me, the two profession are related.

Now, we see you as one of the Akoko promising son who is making serious waves in Akoko politics , What drives you into it?

Hmm! This is a million dollar question.

Politics is in born in me. I have been playing politics right from my school days. When I was at the Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti then, in fact I could still recall now, I contested and won the election as the most sociable student in my department. I piloted the social activities of my course mates between 2008 and 2009.

Back home (Irun) in 2009 December ,due to the loved I have for the youth especially the students in my country home, so, I contested again in order to oversee all activities of the Federation of Irun Student Unions as Presidential aspirant but due to some unforseen circumstances which happened on the journey then, I decided to dropped the ambition voluntarily to give room for equity. Luckily for me,I was later appointed as the assistant social director where I performed credibly well between 2010 and 2011.

I was also the Social Democratic Party SDP Youth Leader for the whole of Akoko Northwest Local Government 2015 to early 2017 respetively. I coordinated all the 10 wards that makes the local government. At the same time, I was a councilorship candidate of my ward under SDP before I left the party in 2017 to joined Mega Party of Nigeria MPN. Perhaps, I was also the Local government Secretary of the party MPN and assembly candidate in the last Ondo Assembly elections in 2019.

Now to answer your question,politics is a profession which I seriously developed interest and with a great passion.

I do looks for way to help my people because helping is one of my hobby I learnt the habbit from my late father. I always happy to help others. If God lift me up today I will put smiles on the faces of many common man on the street.

In politics,there are lots of opportunities in it which many of my people could be enjoying. I promise, I will make many people happy especially indigent ones because I feel their pains too whenever I see my people suffering for what they deserve. Do you know the reasons, my early life was so challenging before attaining adulthood? I came from a polygamous family. I am a self made young man.

I know one day I shall have the opportunity to prove it . If I’m favour by God, I will make the world a better place to stay for people.

What is your personal agenda?

I have good visions in mind for my dear country and humanity as well. Whenever I see any opportunity I do bring it home so that my people can benefit directly from it. The development of our people especially the youth/students is the secret behind my interest in politics . I have been helping them with my little means.

Recently, I sponsored about 20 students who found it so hard to obtain JAMB Form from my immediate community because charity begin at home they says. It might be surprising: I find it so pleasing to bail people out of their predicaments. Thank God, the lucky students performed excellently well in the exam. As we are discussing now,many of them are warming up to gaining admissiom into their choice institutions. That is my joy now! I will not stop doing it.

Just imagine, what if I have bigger means in politics? I will surely cater for more. My impact has been felt by my people in the little way I can. I want to live a life like those who have made life worth living for people.

I have choose to live a life worthy of emulation: a legacy where the incoming generation will met on ground.

How do you plans to tackle issues such as unemployment etc?

In fact, if I have the chance my people would benefit through me. I will never leave them. No matter the circumstances,I will surely find slot where other seems it is impossible. I will utilize my influence in power to make them live a life they really deserve. “Whenever I have any opportunity up there,I will bring it home”

What were the challenges you faced in your last outing especially in your recent assembly election?

Alot of challenges my brother but I gave God all the glory because I started it with the favour of God and I ended it in praises. One with God is a majority like my father HRM Oba Victor Adetona (JP), Odagbaragaja the 111,Owa of Ogbagi Akoko use to say.

As a matter of fact, I faced so many hard time during the struggle. Can I talked about the financial problem? What really baffled me most in Nigeria politics is that,my
brother, if you don’t have money to thrown up and down on the street some people will not even bother to check your rich manifesto flyers. That is part of the challenges.

I am a candidate of NotTooYoungToRule then. Politics made me to see other side of people. What I will just clear with you now is that, there is no permanent friend or enemy in politics.

But here I am today to gave God all the glory and adoration. Anyway, I didn’t regret coming out to test my political popularity in that election.I have had the experience now. The experience gathered is what I will apply in my future ambition if God willing.

Do you still have interest to come out for the assembly election come 2023?

It is my creator (God) who will answer that question for now because everything lays on destiny.

Meanwhile, If my people persuade me to come out who am I not to listen to them. I will do so because they might be seeing the qualities they actually needed in leadership in me. Though, whatever I want to do in life I always look up unto God for proper direction .I am nobody but somebody in God’s hand.

My focus, aims and prayer now is basically on how my soft-spoken Hon.Taofik Mohammed will succeed in his own led administration which I strongly believe that he will try his best for us.
That is my major concern for now.

Once again, I will like to uses this avenue to appreciate my constituency people especially our youth for stood by me throughout my campaign and election period.

My damsel, charming and lovely wife Motunrayo Adeyanju “Nee Ayeni”,my beloved and caring mother “abiyamo atata”, family members,political associates/supporters,friends and other father figures that I can’t be mention their names here for political reasons I seriously appreciate you all.

Thanks to everyone!

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