Congratulations to You, Hon Olutimi Joseph
Gen 50:20 “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good”


Some of The Outstanding Achievements of Hon Timi Joseph Led Administration In Yagba West Local Government
” Some are born great, while some achieve greatness, still others entrusted greatness upon themselves”
Timi Joseph has written his name with an indelible golden ink that shall forever be remembered by the good people of yagba west local government.
The giant stride and achievements he recorded as the current care taker chairman of the local government area has made him an hero as far as the local government administration is concerned.

He is a pathfinder, trail blazer, selfless and patriotic yagba man of proven integrity.

A seasoned technocrat and an astute public administrator of repute. The modern architect of modern yagba west.

It was not a surprise yesterday when the Lord almighty silenced your enemies and the carrier of the evil news with evil imagination and intentions and put them to shame.

Below are Some of The Legacies of Timi Joseph Led Administration in Yagba West.

“Man’s worth can not be measured by the level of his wealth accumulation but by the legacy he left behind ”

1. He built a national standard Event Centre (Town Hall) at Okutadudu Area, Odo-Ere, the local government headquarters

2. He built Yagba West Youths Resource Centre, at opposite late JK Baba’s shopping complex at okutadudu area, Odo-Ere

3. Rehabilitation of the Dilapidated Popular Egbe Market Road at Egbe.

though it’s a federal road but the economic importance of that road has compel him to rehabilitate the road.

Most commuters and market women can no longer get their products and commodities to transported to the market square owing to the terrible state of the road before it was rehabilitated by him.

4. A major donor to the resuscitation of the closed only public secondary school owned by Egbe community, Comprehensive College Egbe.

Apart from cash donations for the school renovation, he equally make available cash for the payment of the intending students of the school to encourage students enrolment in the school.

5. Grading of Egbe /Koro /Ogbe Road , all the local government heavy duty equipments were deployed for the construction of that road, the low bed, grader and bulldozer were put in use to bulldoze the hilly terrain that characterised the road. and now make it motorable.

6. He drilled bore holes as a matter of necessity and urgent importance across towns and villages in yagba west ahead of the dry season

7. He embarked on concrete tarring of road linking the main building of the local government secretariat from the entrance at Odo-Ere

8. He completed the construction of sophisticated drainages and culverts at the entrance of the local government secretariat at Odo-Ere

9. He Bought Mattresses and Power Generating plant at Odo-Eri Hospital

10. He Organized Twice Yagba West Youth Summit and Empowerment for the Youths

Tricycles were given to the youths to embark on commercial transport to be able to earn their living and daily bread.

Also little cash gifts was given to the youths to embark on small petty business

11. Yagba West Youth Training Program, He directed interested youths who are interested in any form of trade to signifies interest by freely obtaining trainee form and filled it with for onward posting to the artisan, he /she so wanted…

He bought some machineries and equipments for the learning process for both the trainee
and the trainer. Those equipments, tools and machineries are awaiting distribution and her kept by the local government authority before it will be finally allocated.

12. Grading of Egbe /Oke-Ere, the road has been graded by Hon Joseph Led Administration

13. Grading of Odo-Ere /Akata /Oke -Ere Road, the road linking Odo-ere /Akata and Oke Ere Road Has been Graded

14. The Road linking an ancient city of Akata the cradle of yagba race from wele dam Egbe has equally been graded by him

15. Grading of ring road linking Titcombe College from Sabo and NTA road has equally been graded.

16. Regular Distribution of food items to the less privileged, the widows and the needy by Timi Joseph led administration in yagba west on a regular basis.

17. Repairs of dilapidated bore holes across towns and villages in yagba west local government area.

18. Construction of drainage at late Bale Oshajare sreet at Odo-Ere

19. Construction, Grading and sand willing of the popular morafa avenue at Egbe.

20. The Initiator and Inventor of Senior Couples Luncheon in yagba west, it was first of its kind in the history of the local government. The programme is indeed captivating and fascinating.

22. He organises several seminars on health and also partner’s with some NGO to assist in education, orientation and awareness about some precautions to prevent some killer diseases in the local government area.

23. Assisting both local government employees and primary school teachers of yagba west in payment of their transport fare both to and fro during the screening and verification exercise to Lokoja.

24. Distribution of food items to the local government employees through the Nulge to cushion the effects on the prolonged screening exercise.

25. Hon Timi Joseph with the state appointees bought fertilizers for the farmers of yagba west for agricultural practice.

26. Purchase of New LG Plasma Air Conditioner for Kogi 97.1 FM Egbe and regular supply of Diesel to the broadcasting station to boost their quality service delivery and the durability of the service. It was also doing that to ensure that yagba west constituents are properly informed about government policies and programmes

27. Organises several youth friendly programmes in yagba west

28. A bridge between the youths and the elders

29. He has turned the traditional primordial offices he inherited from his predecessors to latest, modernised digitalised operational office

He has converted the use of rugs in the administrative offices to sophisticated tiles

He has changed the use of Old Louvres Wooden Windows to Aluminum Casement Windows, with Net and Complete Burglary Proof

He has also changed the dilapidated old furniture’s with latest fashionable leather furniture’s befitting a corporate entity of national standard and acceptance

30. The Local Government Secretariat has wear a new look under his administration, the fence were painted, the decorated stone were white washed with quality paints and most importantly the neatness and the serenity of the environment under the watch of Hon Timi Joseph.

He was commended by the Local Government Commission Chairman as the best well organized administrator in the comity of administrators in the State.

So far so good, Timi Joseph has written his name with an indelible golden ink that shall forever be remembered by the good people of yagba west local government area.

May God in His infinite mercies continue to guide and prosper his undertaken in life.

Once again, Hon Timi Joseph Congratulations for your divine leadership.

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