Gossip:Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2019.

Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2019. 

Winner are beginning to emerge at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2019. 

This is the 15th year of the Africa Movie Academy and the 2019 nominations and eventual winners have been much anticipated even as the awards hold today in Lagos.

On the 18th of September 2019, the Africa Movie Academy announced its nominations for the 2019 AMA Awards. The nominations was announced via a live broadcast by the president of the AMAA 2019 Jury Asantewa Adetunji.

From the live event in Lagos, below are some of the winners.

1. Best short Animation: Choices (Nigeria)

2. Best documentary: Khartoum Offside (Sudan)

3. Best film in African language: Rafiki (Kenya)

4. Best Film by an African In Diaspora: Rattle Snake

Michael Anyiam Osigwe AMAA 2019 Award For Best Film by an African-Born Director
Living Abroad
​1. Julius Amedume – Rattlesnakes (Winner) ✅
​2. Tosin Coker – Lara and the Beats
​3. Robert O. Peters – Make Rook #TheAMAAs #AMAA2019pic.twitter.com/IM2zPIniDk

— AMAA (@AMAAWARDS) October 27, 2019

Michael Anyiam Osigwe AMAA 2019 Award For Best Film by an African-Born Director is ; Julius Amedume – Rattlesnakes #TheAMAAs#AMAA2019 pic.twitter.com/ZF0ONESFBO

— AMAA (@AMAAWARDS) October 27, 2019

5. Best Diaspora short film: Bail (UK)

AMAA 2019 Award For Best Diaspora Short Film
​1.​Bail (UK) ✅
2.​Oath Bound (UK)
3.​Fevah (USA)
4.​I Am Superman (Brazil) #TheAMAAs #AMAA2019pic.twitter.com/1BVSlYiBKY

— AMAA (@AMAAWARDS) October 27, 2019

AMAA 2019 Award For Best Diaspora Short Film
​Bail (UK) #TheAMAAs #AMAA2019 pic.twitter.com/zB3khUVubu

— AMAA (@AMAAWARDS) October 27, 2019

6. Best Diaspora Documentary: My Friend Fela (Brasil)

AMAA 2019 Award For Best Diaspora Documentary
1.​Wax Print 1 FABRIC, 4 continent (UK)
2.​The Guardian of No Return (Guadalope)
3.​Dare to Dream (USA/CUBA)
4.​Drugs as Weapons Against Us (USA)
5.​My Friend Fela (Brazil) ✅ (Winner) #TheAMAAs #AMAA2019pic.twitter.com/Wq9He9YGbq

— AMAA (@AMAAWARDS) October 27, 2019

AMAA 2019 Award For Best Diaspora Documentary is; My Friend Fela (Brazil) #TheAMAA2019 #TheAMAAs pic.twitter.com/f2j1npiOMI

— AMAA (@AMAAWARDS) October 27, 2019

7. Best Diaspora narrative feature: Hero from Trinidad and Tobago/Canada

8. Best production Design: Redemption (Mozambique)

9. Best Costume Design: Mercy of the Jungle (Rwanda)

10. Best makeup: Mercy of the jungle

N/B: Shakira Kibirige is the first to win two awards so far tonight. Both awards are for her work on “Mercy of the Jungle”. The first award was for Best Costume Design and the second for Best Makeup.

Shakira Kibirige strikes a pose with one of her awards.

#AMAA2019 Award For Best Achievement in Make-Up
​1. Make Room 🇳🇬
​2. Gold Statue 🇲🇦
​3. Veronica’s Wish 🇺🇬
​4. Sew the Winter to My Skin 🇿🇦
​5. Before the Vows 🇬🇭
6. Mercy of the Jungle 🇷🇼 ✅ (Winner)
7. The Burial of Kojo 🇬🇭 pic.twitter.com/wcZZEbbmLl

— AMAA (@AMAAWARDS) October 27, 2019

#AMAA2019 Award For Best Achievement in Costume Design
​1. Sew the Winter to My Skin 🇿🇦
​2. Light in the Dark 🇳🇬
​3. Rafiki 🇰🇪
​4. King of Boys 🇳🇬
​5. Lara and the Beats 🇳🇬
​6. Urgent 🇲🇦
​7. Mabata Bata 🇲🇿
8. Mercy of the Jungle 🇷🇼 ✅ (Winner) #TheAMAAs #AMAA2019pic.twitter.com/ORy1egOWfu

— AMAA (@AMAAWARDS) October 27, 2019

11. Best soundtrack: Mabata Bata (Mozambique)

12. Best Visual Effects: Delivery Boy, Nigeria

13. Best sound: Sew The Winter In My Skin (South Africa)

14. Best cinematography: sew the winter to my skin

15. Best editing: Rafiki Kenya

16. Best Screenplay: Redemption, (Mozambique)

17. Best Nigerian Film: King Of Boys

Sola sobowale and Toni Tones receive prize for King of boys, best Nigerian film

AMAA 2019/National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB)Award For Best Nigerian Film
​1. The Delivery Boy
​2. Lara and the Beats
​3. Make Room
​4. King of Boys ✅✅✅✅ (Winner) cc @kemiadetiba @IamReminisce
​5. Gold Statue
​6. Up North
7. Knockout Blessing #TheAMAAs #AMAA2019pic.twitter.com/T3fVBkRZ27

— AMAA (@AMAAWARDS) October 27, 2019

AMAA 2019 Award For Best Achievement in Production Design
​1. Redemption 🇲🇿 ✅ (Winner)
​2. Rafiki 🇰🇪
​3. Ellen, The Ellen Parkies Stories 🇿🇦
​4. Urgent 🇲🇦
​5. Burial of Kojo 🇬🇭
​6. Sew the Winter to My Skin 🇿🇦
​7. Mercy of the Jungle 🇷🇼
​8. Delivery Boy 🇳🇬 #TheAMAAs #AMAA2019pic.twitter.com/ZhwVS0PQJu

— AMAA (@AMAAWARDS) October 27, 2019

AMAA 2019 Award For Best Diaspora Narrative Feature​
1.​Nine Nights (UK)
2.​Olympia (USA)
3.​Traffik (US)
4.​Hero (Trinidad and Tobago/Canada) ✅
5. Sprinter (Jamaica) #TheAMAAs #AMAA2019pic.twitter.com/Uox4TjQhhO

— AMAA (@AMAAWARDS) October 27, 2019

Now we take a deserved music break from the Africa and world’s famous Female Talking Drummer in the world…… Ara… Remember it’s #TheAMAAs#AMAA2019 pic.twitter.com/bMIVGhrWCr

— AMAA (@AMAAWARDS) October 27, 2019

18. Best actor in a supporting role: Jarid Geduld

19. Best Actress Supporting Role: Adesua Etomi (King of boys)

20. Best Actor: Marc Zinga for Mercy of the jungle

21. Best actress: Sola Sobowale

22. Best Director for First Feature film: Blitz The Ambassador for The Burial Of Kojo

23. Best Director: Jahmi X.T Qubeka


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