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Jacksmollod the right now crooner again work together with Femidave and Tonjoboi to deliver a hit jam to the street
On the song tittle JEJE, which was worked on by two producers Beat produced by Fiveooh
And the song mixed and mastered by Sonex
Download listen and comment below

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Track List

See yeah
Jacksmollod again ooo
Koko ro gbenkan mi senu wuye
Femidave eh tonjo boi again oooo

baby don’t lie to me again. I will never take that shit again. Don’t ever cheat on me again. Again /2x. See I wanna love you till I die. See I wanna hold you till I die. I die/2x. 1 2 baby jo fun me wanbi nan make we chop life. U plus me say we cross right. Cross right/2x. See see yeah. Shawty go down for me jeje she wan Marry me go today and If I tell you weting I need o shey you go do am for me jeje. Got me.feeling so strong uhn uhn anytime you hold me down I swear. feeling is so strong uhn uhn fire can’t quench quench quench eeeee.


Shawty go down for me Jeje
Shawty go down for me jeje
Jeje 3/x.
Shawty go down for me jeje
jeje 3/x
Shawty go down for me Jeje
Shawty go down for me jeje
Jeje 3/x.
Shawty go down for me jeje
jeje 3/x


You for just leave me jeje
But she play me tete
If I give me I no go tell
Shantell why you kiss and tell
You say make I move I move
You say make I do I do
Sure you got the boot
And I turn mumu
Since wetin she carry Tobi
Easily you suck my money
Kadijah okin shomo to da
All she got ty nah firi yodi
I told you I fucking love you
I show a better caring
Taba ni a fe jeran toda
She biii katun merin pani
Jeje o jeje o sholly teh teh
Jeje o Jeje uh your body whan kill me ooo
Jeje o Jeje uhh buddy buddy buddy buddy
Jeje o Jeje uhh were were ooo



Sholly come whine for jejely..
Come whine for me perfectly
body shaking to the gbedu gradually..
Coca Cola body no they tire me oh…
Baby I fit fight sojo for your matter..
if you con waka omo nah wahala..
sholly give me whine..
sholly give me kiss..
sholly care for me now….
sholly give whine whine whine whine……



Jeje Jeje Jeje

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