The people to the politics,
“You can hardly be aware.
“How I suffered form endorsement heat,
” And from Arithmetic party supremacy !
“If we took a little insisted language,
” we might have a little talk with Ndume !
“Pray of state likes mind make presidents
Said the people to the politics.


Said the people to the politics,
” Now unIyou know we are able progressive!!!
“How foolishly you think on zoning,
” When you know we cannot talk,but vote talk,
Said the people to the politics ideological context,
“It can do no harm,tried democracy it work,
” I’ve as many legitimacy for Ahmed Lawan.
“Why can’t we walk on two?
But insisted people insists on Executive ordered !!!!
But in going down in ally,
Time to castle governance to a pure valley,
They completely lost their way,
“Oh it happen on reckless mindless speech.
Till,to see them safely back alas !!!
They paid with unseen fallacy lacuna
The political baton of 2015 as not a repetitions.
Who took them to chamber of coup,…

Then they whispered to each other rebelled,
“O delightful litter Negotiations that Fail !
” what a lovely Election,House of common !
“Let us dine on fiat justitia Bacon !
So the mace,budget speedy action leetle,
More democratic, institutions could start little
” Till they toddled paddle Agenda is over to their beds of impunity.
Oh’ Sen.Ahmed Lawan,winning Red chamber….
Oh’ sen.ovia omo Agege a ticket South south settlement magic’.
Oh”Hon.Femi Gbajabiamila no case the winning green chamber.
Oh”Idris wase a calendar agenda Niger settlement magic’.!
The people the politics a drum of”
“Said congratulations, party stalwarts work!

” said congratulations presidency that works !
“Said congratulations judiciary work on division of political power and balanced legislation.
” Alas! Oh APC a game of change mantra”
Where birth of Awo’s progressive people were born,take birth of Next level !!.

The goal in the end is not to win election.The goals is to change society.
The only motive that can keep politics pure is the motive of doing good for one’s country and it central legislature. Thanks for reading……

By: Martins O.
SSA Media Y/W.LG.

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