Lawal martins o.
SA media yagba west.
Don’t judge GYB from distance some only blackmail him for personal interest.

As an individual or group,

1. Have you asked those who are claiming they have not being paid for months to show you their last salary alert? For confirmation purpose!

2. Have you asked them of their employment status if they are actually staff of any state establishment?

3. Assuming some were not paid, Have you asked what happened, see below;

(a). Some based & work in other states of the federation but earn/collect salaries in Kogi State. Thanks to BVN.
(b). Some had more than 3 age declaration in their files, which is actually their age?
(c). Some were employed before they were born base on those age declarations in their files.
(d). Some were due for retirement but still working and eating their pension on the job, which as denied alot of Kogi youths assess to employment opportunity. Today Kogi youths dominate company security in Abuja.
(e). Some were promoted from grade level 6 to grade level 15 Against the civil service rules & regulations.
(f). Fake certificates claims and many others were just endless.

Gyb is a human being who was enthroned divinely, why should the same people who Christ came to safe, were the same people shouting crucify him, crucify him, that reason is not far from below;

Majority of those distracting governance were part of the ghost workers who based outside Kogi State, work in different establishments and yet collect monthly salary from the little allocation to the state. From the findings of the state screen committee, we were meant to understand that, some big boy among them get credit alert of many named employees who never knew they were staff of Kogi State civil service.

Also note that, the allocation was never targeted at the growing population and that of civil servants in the state, non the infrastructures to put in place to cushion the effect of the growing population, rather it is based on derivation principle.

This is the simple reason why Kogi State with over 4 million estimated population gets 2b, 3b, 4b at most 5b. Why States like Bayelsa with just 8 LGA and Delta gets 10-14 billion naira monthly.

Dont judge from distance even the bible disallowed such.

God bless Kogi State.


Dr. Usman Ogbo Speak

Trust me we are talking about the pertinent issue of salary which is the obviously inherited but compounded challenges that the government is facing right now.

Since some of us are the apostles of GYB second term bid, whatever that may be impediment to the realisation of that set goal, we will do everything possible to overcome it.

Unlike in the past that I speak out publicly on issue like this, I chose to not only talk to the appropriate authority beyond the public sphere, we also synergise on the way forward to outwit the opponent that are capitalising on the salary situation for political reason as if they love the civil servants more.

Thanks for your patience and perseverance, in no distance time from now, everything will take its perfect shape across Kogi – the Confluence State.

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