By Olatunji Abisinuola Stella


This part tells us about the queen of the seas with few of her princesses.

As she called them by their names,they swam so fast to meet her. Oh! I said swam,right? Okay! While I was growing up,we call these creatures ‘ Mammy waters ‘ I think you perfectly understand who these creatures are? These creatures are aquatic. Yes! they are waterly. See! When I am talking of the aquatic world,they are in different phases. Now,I am talking about the queen of the seas with her princesses.Don’t ask me who the king was,please.

“Welcome my princesses in whom I am well pleased.” The queen of the seas laughed simulteneously.

As she laughed simulteneously,the princesses joined her.

“Listen!(she roared in anger and everyone stopped laughing)right now, I am vexed in my spirit! I am really vexed in my spirit!! I am so vexed in my spirit!!! how dare Miranda! I sent her to the world to destroy as many men who call themselves ‘Sons of God’ I sent her to the world to terminate their glorious destinies by sleeping with them. I told her to be a good ambassador of this aquatic world when she gets to earth. I told her to initiate as many ladies as possible. Miranda failed me! Miranda failed me!!” she screamed consecutively before a princess interrupted her.

“Queen of the seas,I apologize on Miranda’s behalf. What is her offense your majesty?” a princess asked her soberly

“Miranda betrayed me.” the queen laughed wickedly

“Betrayed you! In what way? I am sorry to question you, your majesty” another princess said

“Miranda accepted the one whom we refer to as ‘Master’ Miranda failed us” She said while fuming with anger.

“You mean,she accepted Jesus…” she slipped and fell

“I have told you to stop calling that name,here. Rather,I told you to call him ‘master’ have you forgotten that the name has caused confusions in most of our gatherings?” She screamed at the princess who called the name ‘Jesus’

“I am sorry,your majesty” the princess said

“Miranda is now a Christain. Not just a Christain,she is now a terror to our kingdom. You know what she does? She now delivers many a princess who is from our kingdom. She has called them from darkness into light. I have tried so many ways to destroy her but I am unable to destroy her. It isn’t her fault but the fault of whom she got married to. He…”

“Your majesty! Why have you kept this away from us? I thought Miranda agreed to come back to this planet on her wedding day. Isn’t Miranda aware that her prince in the sea is waiting for her? Isn’t Miranda aware that she is getting married to my brother next moon?” One of the princesses asked

“It is not Miranda’s fault. It is the fault of whom she got married to in the world. His name is Apostle Daniel. He is a vibrant son of the one we refer to as ‘master’. Master has made him untouchable for us. Apostle Daniel carries fire. He carries fire all around him. He is…”

“Your majesty! If he carries fire,let us kill the fire with water. Let us show him that water is more superior than fire” another princess said

“Oh! I am not talking about the physical fire. You need to start seeing things with your spiritual eyes. We are spirits! we are not humans” she replied the princess.

“I am sorry your majesty. What do we do?” the princess asked

“Exactly! I have come up with a solution. Now,I am sending seven of you to earth. As you all know that seven means ‘perfection’ I am sending seven of you to earth to destroy many things.” the queen said

“Your majesty! Please exclude me from these seven. We all know I am getting married very soon. Please,your majesty” a princess pleaded.

“Keep quiet! For what you have just said, I am sending you to earth. Going to earth, I will give you the gift of singing. You will join a vibrant church of ‘master’ and join their choir department. Through your sonorous voice,many a brother will want to come closer to you. Take advantage of that avenue and lure them to your bed. After sleeping with them, things will begin to get worse for them. Your target is 50men. You have just 50weeks to spend on earth. A week for a man. I want 50men glorious destinies in the seas.Understood?” she asked the princess going on an assignment.

“Understood,queen of the seas”

“And you! I am sending you to the earth for just seven days. You will go to the earth and be a call girl. You will sleep with men for money. A man per day. After sleeping with a man per day,he gets mad.is that understood?” she asked another princess she pointed at earlier.

“Yes,queen of the sea” the princess said

“You! a woman who is in desperate need of a child has gone to the sea priestess to request for a child. The priestess made it known to me. I am sending you in form of a baby girl to that woman. Immediately she gives birth to you. Feel free to be the cause of her death. Make sure you torment her in all ways you can. Okay!”

“Okay,your majesty” the princess she pointed at replied her

“You,as soon as you step on earth, feel free to turn into a beautiful lady. Have your way into the university. Terminate many glorious futures in the university. You see all those guys who love sleeping with anything on skirt. Sleep with them and ruin their future. After spending four years on earth, I will be expecting you.” the queen said

“Okay,queen of the seas” the princess whom she addressed replied her

“Mirror,as the fifth princess on assignment, I am sending you to earth as a prophetess. With the help of Marine power,you will be able to look into a lot of people’s futures. For those ones with glorious futures among them, terminate their futures. I repeat,terminate their futures.” the queen said

“Your will shall be done,queen of the seas” Mirror replied

” Venom and saph, I am sending you to earth as a twin. As soon as you get to earth, you will find yourself at a T-junction,you will meet a woman who is pregnant with twin. Replace yourselves with the children inside her. Getting to the world, both of you are meant to destroy men with your beauties. Also, you are to destroy many happy homes. Most especially,you are to sleep with many sons of master. You are to expose them to the world. You are to make the whole world know that they are all the same. ” the queen said

“Okay,your majesty!” Venom and saph replied

“Go and make all the necessary preparations. You are leaving very soon. Remember to call on me in times of troubles. The rest of you without assignments should be prepared. I may call on any of you. Go and get prepared! ” the queen said

“Okay,queen of the seas” all the princesses bowed and dispersed to their various abodes.

“It’s time to retaliate. Apostle Daniel thinks he can go scot-free? The earth should await war. Through fornication,adultery,lies,unfaithfulness and lack of patience,the earth will suffer. My princesses are coming,they are coming with insanity,doom, delay, confusion,poverty and untimely death . I can’t wait for them to complete their numerous tasks. Hahahahaha hahahahahahah” she continued to laugh simalteneously…

To be continued…

Inspired by The Holy Spirit
Written by Olatunji Abisinuola Stella

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